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Android APK Modification

An APK file is a ZIP file with the files inside with certain structure so it can serve as installer. So for a basic modification, you can just rename the file to “.ZIP” extract the files and do whatever you … Continue reading

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Install certificate as System on Android

Use OpenSSL to transform the certificate to Android format (that is cert+info) Extract ID using this command: openssl.exe x509 -inform PEM -subject_hash -in charles.pem It is the first line. Name the certificate ID.0 (Ex: ce554431.0) Extract certificate info using: openssl.exe … Continue reading

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Battery Drain Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Fix

Hello, To correctly identify the problem I recommend you to use “GSam Battery Monitor”. Then under “App Usage” you can directly access the Android App Info settings and kill (“force stop” and “turn off”) the apps/services that are over using … Continue reading

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