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Monero v0.15.0.0 Hacked Client

—–> WARNING <—– —–> ok <—– (matching hash from 72.14 MB 6b72b3836d179eb517154bbcb8e2119b168ae9d1054866a438aaeab9521f795f monero-wallet-cli.exe 37.06 MB 54241b4e7dec43a44e81f4ad65741c937e5ef6b16c69552446bb92f902593e12 —–> bad <—– (unknown version retrieved from official site!!) monero-wallet-cli.exe is modified, and monero-gen-trusted-multisig.exe is missing (to make it look … Continue reading

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One Click Monero Win Node

# One Click Monero Win Node #1 – download monero core + monero blockchain #2 – import blockchain on custom dir, guard-against-pwnage=verify [only run with a trusted blockchain.raw] monero-blockchain-import –data-dir x:\Monero\ –guard-against-pwnage 0 –input-file blockchain.raw #3 – … Continue reading

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