FON2100A OpenWRT Unbrick

A small step to step on how to revive a bricked FONERA 2100A (With Redboot installed)


Files Needed:
Easy Redboot flash utility:
Previous program dependency:

OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09.2

Hardware needed:
– PC Computer (Or VM)
– Bricked Fon2100A (Previously jailbreaked)
– Network cable
– Brain

Note: This only will work if the Redboot is accessible (Ex. if you previously installed OpenWRT), to check if it is working, connect the fonera to the PC while is turned off, disable all other network interfaces, set the interface where the fonera is plugged in to subnet gateway, turn on the fonera and while is loading (between 2-9 sec since turned on) telnet to and if you get the Reboot console, means that the fonera could be revived by this way…

1 – Disable all network interfaces and leave only the one where the fonera will be plugged.
2 – Plug the fonera to the network while is turned off
3 – Run the software “Freinkfurt AP51 EasyFlash”, select 2 image files.
4 – Turn on the Fonera, and the software using PCAP will detect the device and flash it using the Redboot.

You can do it also without the easyflash software if you “know” how to work directly with the Redboot. (Or following some other very long instructions)

And you can also use a more recent version of OpenWRT, I recommend Backfire 10.03.1 (Dic-2011), it works OK and have more features installed, like WPA.
I tested also some other recent versions like Attitude Adjustment 12.09 and Barrier Breaker 14.07; but the FON2100A is to old for that ones and will make it to be extremely slow or unresponsive.



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