Compile OpenSSL from source on old Ubuntu


If your version of Ubuntu is no longer supported you should update…
But in the meantime you could fix the broken or insecure packages on this way…

Note: Before continue check if you can get from a trusty source the package on DEB compiled that match your OS and architecture (and install it with: “dpkg -i file.deb”)

//before aptget: check that the sources are working!!!
//install prerequisites
apt-get install libssl-dev make gcc
//create a folder, download (openssl in this case, but can apply to any package) and decompress
tar xfz openssl-1.0.1.tar.gz
//change to folder
cd openssl-*
//configure (take note of the paths!)
./config --prefix=/usr zlib-dynamic --openssldir=/etc/ssl shared
sudo make install

//use sudo if necessary (not just for make, for all commands)
//then if everything went ok check the version
openssl version -a

If you specifically do this to fix heartbleed or another critical vulnerability that leaked information, remember to replace SSL certificates with new ones and change users credentials…

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