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Burning one file on Vista/2008

Hello, I just found one error of Windows: If you want to burn just one file on a CD/DVD using the included Vista/2008 burning feature, it is just impossible… You have to include at least 2 files!!! (even if the … Continue reading

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Hide Referer on Firefox

Hello, Just open your Firefox configuration about:config and set the value of network.http.sendRefererHeader to 0. AC.

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Hide your Referer with Free URL Redirection (Redirect Flaw)

Hello, Today killing some time I collected some “free url redirection services”, so in the case that you want to hide your referer to post links on your blog, some forum, or whereever you want,  you could try it: … Continue reading

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Adobe Flash Player APSB10-26 Vulnerability

Hello, I thought that the Windows OS (Any Version) was the software that needs the biggest amount of updates almost every week, but now on I am not sure of that, the flash player is almost winning this place! AC.

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Share Cookies Between Subdomains on .NET

Hello, Here is quick tip: If you use the simplest way to write a cookie on ASP.NET: Response.Cookies.Set(New HttpCookie(“TestCookie”, “TestData”)) It will be only readable by the subdomain that you used to write the cookie… If you want the cookie … Continue reading

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